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Choctaw Casino Rewards System

As you play in the casino, the visitor is assigned statuses that earn different rewards:

  1. Ruby Level. Points earned in slot machines are exchanged for food and drinks in the restaurant.
  2. Amber level. 5% on spa services + 25% off food at the buffet.
  3. Sapphire level. 40% discount on buffet and 10% discount on spa. Double points on slots.
  4. Royal Level. 50% off the buffet, 15% off the spa, personal valet, free hotel stay.
  5. Onyx level. 60% discount on buffet fees, free admission to some events.

Player status increases as you bet at the casino.

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The Choctaw casino resort mobile app offers users free play of popular gambling entertainment that is also featured in the land-based casino. Registration will be required for access.

Choctaw Casino is located in Oklahoma City. It is a large-scale entertainment complex with a comfortable hotel on site. The most frequent visitors to Choctaw are from Texas - each year, there are 300+ thousand guests. International guests are always welcome at the casino as well, and they visit here as well. Choctaw is an Indian casino, which means the local Choctaw Indian tribe owns it. It is the largest tribe in the country, with lands spanning 10+ thousand square miles and over a quarter of a million people.

The Choctaw Nation is a very lucrative investment for the U.S. state - the income they bring to the U.S. by operating seven gambling clubs is about a quarter of a billion dollars annually. Durant, Oklahoma, is home to the most profitable Choctaw casino. It is also home to the tribe's headquarters.

The size of the entertainment complex is comparable to the grandiose range of services provided here. The casino has been awarded 4 stars and received several profile awards. The gaming complex has four premium hotels: Grand Tower, Spa Tower, Choctaw Lodge and Choctaw Inn. For free-spirited vacationers, there is a 77-seat RV park located near Choctaw. For guests' convenience, a separate building was built next to it with additional amenities. On average, the hotel spends $99 per night, subject to reservation. Rooms at the hotel are for non-smoking visitors only.

The main emphasis in the gambling area is on slot machines, among them 4,100 different models with additional bonuses. Also, in casino table games are played - 8 varieties. Among them are poker, baccarat, bingo, blackjack and others. A poker room with 30 tables and a large-scale racetrack are separate gaming areas.

Choctaw Casino Resort history

Choctaw did not immediately become a major entertainment complex. First, the Choctaw Tribe opened an Oklahoma bingo hall, Choctaw Casino Bingo, whose construction dates to 1987. The rapid expansion of the resort lasted until 2006, by which time the $60 million gambling space had expanded to its current size and was called the Southern Casino. Somewhat later, it was renamed Choctaw Casino Resort.

The North Casino and Grand Hotel on the Choctaw property were completed somewhat later in 2010. These spaces replaced the original bingo hall, forming two gambling areas at once. The hotel and other facilities within the entertainment complex were also expanded.

In the final phase of Choctaw's construction, the casino already stretched to 218+ square feet, with one hundred thousand-plus square feet of space for each of the two gaming areas. For the convenience of visitors, the gambling zones were located near each other, making it much easier to move between them.

The Choctaw Casino Hotel was specifically designed in the image and likeness of Las Vegas hotel complexes. Despite the significantly smaller area allocated for the hotel, visitors to Choctaw note a special spirit of excitement and celebration, which reigns here. Despite the reduced size of the recreation area compared to Las Vegas, it cannot be called miniature. The $360 million gambling complex and the 431-room comfortable hotel area look like complete entertainment spaces. Every player will find gambling and relaxation at the Choctaw Casino Resort.


How to win at Choctaw?
To win at Choctaw casino, we recommend that you first learn gambling rules. After that, take advantage of bonus offers and other promotions. To win, we advise players to choose games they like.
Where is Choctaw?
The gambling complex is located at 4216 US-69, Durant, OK 74701, USA.

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