European roulette

Ever wanted to visit one of the world's gambling capitals - like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo - but can't get abroad? European roulette in Choctaw online casino will help you feel the full pleasure of healthy gambling, even in everyday life!

Why players choose online casino roulette

This question invariably arises at first glance at the widest selection of exciting and profitable entertainment, which today offers its visitors classic (or so-called "physical"), and virtual casinos.

According to numerous reviews from our visitors, the roulette wheel has managed to maintain and significantly expand its popularity in recent years. Here are just some of the main explanations for the popularity of the game:

  • the emphasized simplicity of the rules;
  • absolute transparency of all stages of the gameplay;
  • unconditional honesty of electronic croupiers;
  • high chances of winning;
  • The real effectiveness of traditional strategies;
  • prompt withdrawal of funds.

Add to this the democratic nature of the bets, as well as the continuing role of chance, which levels the playing field for all guests of online casinos, regardless of their previous professional experience.

European Roulette Wheel

Girl with roulette.European roulette is a worthy representative of casino gambling, which successfully combines the time-honored classics and the latest technology. Software providers have made every effort to ensure European online roulette provides a full immersion in the atmosphere of excitement and your chances of winning as much as possible.

The roulette table and the horizontal reel of European Roulette is divided into 37 cells, numbered from 0 to 36. Even numbers are red, and the odd numbers are black, which explains their name in implementing the bets. Similar names - "black" and "red" - receive entire groups of cells or sectors. Zero or zero also has a sector, but already in green.

The rules are simple: everyone who wants to make their bet is putting money on a particular number or a combination of them. Then the croupier usually announces: "No more bets!" and then launches the ball against the direction of the roulette wheel.

In online roulette, users can do it all by themselves - for example, manually, the button "Start" or run the automatic game.

In Live-Casino mode, the game is also possible with a live dealer, the communication which is carried out via video chat.

After making at least three rotations on the wheel, the ball stops in one of the cells, which is considered winning. However, in addition to it, cash prizes are credited to other numbers. Let's consider all possible options in this case in a little more detail.

Count money

The smaller the probability in the roulette game, the larger the expectations of winnings can be, and vice versa. Thus, arranging your chips on several cells or sectors increases your chances of winning but reduces payouts after winning. Below we will look at the types of bets.

  • Betting on a single number or Straight Up. Expected winnings are 35 to 1.
  • Split or Split - for two numbers at once with a free combination. The winnings are 17 to 1.
  • Corner (corner or cross) - bet on four arbitrary cells in the appropriate configuration. The chance of success is 8 to 1.
  • On the two transverse rows - Sixline. The winnings are 5 to 1.
  • One Dozen - we bet on a dozen numbers. If we win we get 2 to 1.
  • One Column or so-called column - betting on a vertical row of numbers. The odds are 2 to 1.
  • Even Chance or so-called equal chances. For example, only "black" or exclusively "red" numbers, etc. Possible success - 1 to 1.

That are all pieces of advice for the lucky game on a roulette wheel. Now it remains to check the theory with practice. Do not make luck wait too long!