Gold Factory

Gold Factory. Players love to win money, but that immediately turns them into gold is not for everyone. Slot machine Gold Factory offers a unique opportunity - to engage in mining this precious metal online casino gaming room!

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Slot machine Gold Factory is a reliable tool to get a constant profit.

Benefits from the game confirm the reviews as experienced gamblers and beginners players of our online casino. In their view, the new slot machine allows everyone:

  • Dive headfirst into the magical world of gambling for money.
  • Test your luck and individual abilities to calculate winning combinations.
  • Minimize risks, while increasing the chances of winning.
  • Use a well-developed loyalty program - generous bonuses, valuable prizes, and gifts.
  • Promptly make deposits and withdraw funds by a variety of methods.
  • Money play and not only - you can also play for free!

Note that these prospects for reality are confirmed by the technical characteristics of online slots, which are the best experts vouchsafe, Microgaming - a leader in the global gaming software market. There's also Golden Era Cinema slot machine. Let's get acquainted with these key parameters in more detail.

Gold Factory features

  • Number of reels - five.
  • The number of paylines - 50.
  • Minimum bet (Min.Bet) - 0.1
  • The maximum bet (Max.Bet) - 10.
  • The biggest winnings - 4430.

Unfortunately, the jackpots in this slot machine are not provided. At the same time, the combination of basic symbols and bonuses provides a regular number of wins.

Slot machine symbols

On the game's reels, you will see many colorful pictures, each of which is not only directly related to the production of gold but among the game's symbols and coins and gold bars. Below we list the main images with their comparative value. The data is given according to the frequency of falling out - from three to five times (respectively - x3, x4,x5).

  • Wild or "wild" symbol (the game logo) - 15, 150, 1500.
  • Stack of gold bars - 0.8, 6.0, 18.
  • Stacks of gold coins - 0.6, 5.0, 16.
  • Wagon of gold - 1.2, 8.0, 20.
  • Blimp - 2.4, 10, 50.
  • Steam Locomotive - 4.0, 16, 160.
  • Boy scientist - 6, 40, 300.
  • Factory building - 5, 20, 200.
  • The owner of the factory is 8, 100, 500.

The maximum value in the process of obtaining online gold inevitably acquires a bonus symbol. This is a large gold coin with the word "Bonus". Coin with a bonus brings profit if 2 times it appears in one line. For three of these images, lucky people get $30, for four - already $ 200, but for five - as much as $2000!

The Gold Factory game is a real holiday for those who like balanced risks! Check it out because your luck is just waiting for you today!