Hot As Hades

Hot as Hades. Stylish, funny, and extremely profitable - this is a brief summary of reviews of the slot machine Hot as Hades in the list of games at Choctaw Casino.

The theme of the slot machine Hot as Hades

Players must go down into the magical underworld to deceive the sagacious Cerberus and many other evil monsters and make Hades himself share his wealth.

Microgaming developers have done their best to ensure that this online slot can win gamblers' hearts and souls regardless of their previous professional experience. Perhaps, contrary to the name, you will not be as hot as hell, but certainly do not get bored!

Features slot machine Hot as Hades

  • Five modern reels;
  • 20 paylines;
  • Minimum bet (Min.Bet) - 0.2;
  • The maximum bet (Max.Bet) - 50;
  • The highest possible winnings (maximum multiplier) - 10000.

Add to this the increased rate of return on investment (RTR>96%), and it becomes clear that with such technical characteristics, the faithful victory of our guests is practically guaranteed. Try to play the Big Bad Wolf slot at high stakes.

Jackpot in this game is not provided, but there is a bonus game that significantly increases your chances, and the features of the machine further contribute to the likelihood of winning.

How to play Hot as Hades

God Hades.The fact that a substantially increased number of reels (up to five) and numerous paylines (two dozen) create a wide field for creating game combinations, each of which could eventually become a winner.

After the deposit, the player's task is to distribute his bets on the lines effectively. Now it remains only to run the round manually by pressing the "Spin" or do it automatically by pressing "AutoPlay". In an automatic mode, you must first specify the number of spins, which the system will perform at the specified rates you want.

Winning are combinations of three or more symbols that appear on the screen in a row in one line, starting from the leftmost reel. Here are the main ones with the accrued cash prizes, depending on the multiplicity of repetition with multipliers - x3, x4, x5.

  • Three-headed Cerberus dog - 1.25; 2.50; 20.0.
  • Medusa Gorgon - 1.25; 3.75; 25.
  • God of the Seas Poseidon - 1.5; 5.0; 30.
  • King of the gods Zeus - 2.0; 7.5; 40.
  • Hades, ruler of the kingdom of darkness, 2.5; 10, 50.

In addition, thematic characters participate in combinations of the usual card symbols, but their payout is significantly lower. A nice exception is the scatter, which is made in the form of a bull skull. Accrual of winnings begins with the appearance of two scatter symbols and then increases rapidly - up to two, twenty, and finally as much as 100 on a roll of 5 characters.

Finally, the "wild" symbol - the logo of the slot - brings the lucky man from five to a hundred and can substitute for missing pictures in a winning configuration on the screen.

Well, let's do it! Treasures of Hades today waiting just for you!