Lucky Drink

Игровой автомат Lucky Drink. Lucky Drink slot machine is easy and accessible gameplay, attractive user options, bonuses, and high returns. The video slot is popular among experienced players and only registered to play for money. Let us take a closer look at all the advantages of the Lucky Drink slot game and start playing.

Features of the game Lucky Drink

The slot features symbols on five reels, forming combinations on nine paylines. The rate on each line can reach twenty-five coins, so the maximum available rate per spin is 225 credits.

The user can choose the number of paylines on their own, using the Line key, where they can set one, three, five, seven, or nine active paylines to create combinations. The rest of the same game interface does not differ from a variety of similar video slots.

Slot machines Devils also provide for a bonus round and the double risk game. The maximum payment is due for a combination of five consecutive barrels and in the Resident for the guessing safes.

Control buttons

  • Start - This button starts the reels.
  • Bet - the choice of rates per active line.
  • Double - opportunity to double the winnings.
  • Help - help information.

Risk game

Upon receipt of a winning combination, you have the opportunity to transfer the prize to the main account or try to increase it by using the double risk game. This game mode offers to choose one of the four proposed cards. The chosen card must be higher than the one opened by the dealer. If so, your winnings will be doubled, if the outcome is equal, a reshuffle is made, and failure will result in the loss of the entire bet. It's worth noting that the dealer gets an open card immediately, so if you decide it will be difficult to outbid, you can take your winning coins and abandon your attempt to increase your winnings.

Symbols and meanings

Slot machines online Devils take us to the bar, where the game involves all the relevant attributes: beer kegs, glasses, crates for bottles, dried fish, etc. There is also a beautiful waitress in the game, so you can sign up at Choctaw casino and get to know her.

The image of a devil holding a trident is a bonus symbol that opens the corresponding mode. It is because of this symbol that Lucky Drink slot machines got their title.

Bonus game

The bonus round opens in a separate game window. Before the players will be five barrels, each of which is a certain payout ratio. It is necessary to choose one barrel until a devil appears under one of them, which means the game is over.


Lucky Drink online slot is an excellent opportunity to have an exciting vacation full of gambling sensations and replenish your purse's attractive winnings.